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Who am I?

Welcome to my website. My name's Andrea Sonaglia and i'm working for over 15 years as a 3d artist and animator. I do not have a particular bond with one of the many branches of this work, although my preference is without a doubt the characters animation. If you are interested to know something more about me, check out the rest of my site below and enjoy.

My story?


I was born in 1979 and since the nursery school I'm "the one who knows how to draw" of the class. My dream, in fact, has always been to become a comic book designer. Comics I've always been addicted to, having the fortune to read tons of material antecedent to my birthdate through my uncle Roberto's majestic comic book collection.

The Beginning

My first personal computer, in 1989, was an IBM PS / 2 (6MHz, 640KB RAM, 20MB hard disk, CGA graphics card, monochromatic monitor). Inside I had 4 softwares: Arkanoid and Tetris, Dr.Halo (a not so rudimentary drawing software) and the Quick Basic. Everything ran on MS-Dos 3.30 and with this configuration soon I developed my first video game, "Amato's Family", a text adventure written in QuickBasic with surround pictures made (in what I later discovered called "Pixel art") with Dr.Halo. In this videogame, the player ran through an imaginary day-type of a school teacher of mine.

With an impressive upgrade given to me by my favourite uncle, consisting in a 256 colours VGA graphics card, a color monitor and a hand grayscale scanner Logitek (the Scanman) , and thanks to the genius of my inseparable friend and classmate Marco Benvegnù, we realized later a beat'em up game in Street Fighter 2 style, but my memories about it are quite blurred, I remember just a red ninja emitting a wave of fire from his hands and no more else ..

The Early Years

My first experience with true 3D graphics began around 1996 with 3d Studio 4 (not yet Max), given to me from my friend Alessio, at that time a great lover and pioneer of 3d graphic, and I began to use it mostly to creating objects that consisted of geometric solids stuck and always covered by a marble texture type (not sure why, maybe I owned just that one), a complex program has the potential to become so boring to soon be forgotten, butlooking to the feats done by Alessio and especially the 3d grandmaster Sagrillo (and the brilliant and pioneering internet cafe that had installed in the bar run by his family), made me keep trying though always with painful results. Meanwhile, the production of two self-made movies, Kung Fu Fighters of the Sonaglia-Merea-Baldissera trio, made me experience the basics of video editing (made ​​with two VCRs in rec-pause, one of them the camera itself) and dubbing (also made possible by the power of my old VHS camera-Philips class '88).


We have to slip to year 2001 to reach some progress in 3D: thanks to the advice of friend Mauro Baldissera, I attended a Maya course in Verona,at the Darkside school. Limited to Photoshop, and fasting from 3d (if I'd ever been eating seriously) at least 5 years, I then literally opened a new world out of that course. I felt like if I had the power to create anything, even a cartoon alone. The reality, which is that I was not able to make a beloved nothing, of course, in those moments is deliberately obscured by our own senses.

My real start as 'freelancer' goes back a few months later; posing as consummate professional I catch the realization of a large commercial and residential building render, which luckily went quite well. My first job remained hanged in the usual giant billboards for many years. Now the building actually exists and it always causes me a certain impression and perhaps a bit of nostalgia watching it.Almost at the same time I began to learn character animation and many other things working in full motion video of the video game "Prezzemolo in una giornata da incubo" and the techniques of photorealistic rendering working in the creation of the background (entirely CG-made) of the music video by Articolo 31 "Senza dubbio", a little curiosity is that those band occupied for years the first place among those who I hated more than ever (I hate them as well now, but that chart position has been taken by Ligabue).

Last Twelve Years

My first steady job started in 2005 at Prograph Research in Longarone, once a first level software house in Italy in the videogames development, then slowly decayed until his total death.

Interspersed with other various type of freelance works, I moved to the province of Vicenza and worked many years for Touch Multimedia, producing tons of short animations (9 seconds each) in which I had the fortune to take care of everything, in order: idea, character design, storyboarding, modeling of characters and environments,shading and texturing, rigging, rendering, animation, editing, post-production, sound design and music. In addition to this I sporadically worked on various kinds of 3d projects, including industrial animations, graphics for mobile apps and various things by force of circumstances I can't remember in details. Now since 2010 I moved further west, in the Verona area, and I am doing much less animations and more design and modeling-render for entertainment solutions (I think they are called that), working with animations mostly for my previous company in Vicenza.

Main software skill ratio

3ds Max
After Fx

Latest Works

Here there are some stills taken from my latest works, even if I can't show most of the stuff I produce every day due to company's reservation policies. These are in fact just the personal projects and some of the animated works done as occasional freelance

What can I do?

I could be your man if you need to do one of these things:

3d Characters-based Animations (all development steps)

This is what I like the most to do

Video editing with special Fx

It's pretty a funny thing to work with, expecially for the metal bands

Architectural renderings

Are you sure there's really no chance to animate something inside it?

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